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    Camellia eternel cream’s color is yellow; its fragrance is somewhat herbal; texture is light and silky; it requires easily eternel cream into the skin; and has a life-style expectations of up to a season and 50 percent if held in a tremendous, dark position immediately after starting. Chemical Composition Camellia eternel cream’s content structure contains more healthy quantities of linoleic individual additional fat, oleic individual additional fat, and supplement E; stearic and myristic (saturated) harmful acids; anti-oxidant polyphenols; and natural vitamins A, D, and K. Camellia Eternel cream Natual skin care Benefits Camellia eternel cream is an exceptional emollient: gives your epidermis a glowing complexion; treatments injuries such as bruises; treatments stretch marks; is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-aging: works wonders with wrinkles; protects against harmful mobile damage, UV rays, and varying tornados conditions; and is a excellent after cut product. Camellia eternel cream even strengthens and nourishes your scalp. Usage Camellia eternel cream can be seen as an element in epidermis lotions, experience creams; eternel cream products and lovely taste

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