1. vitoreis

    vitoreis Member


    Loving this add-on!

    Like to have a Sort option to define order of categories and subcategories and the same to order questions inside each quiz.

  2. addonsrus

    addonsrus Administrator Staff Member

    will have a look at adding this but it will not be added to the questions as they are randomly selected for playing the quizzes
  3. vitoreis

    vitoreis Member

    The answers options the each question are show randomly when you play but questions in quiz are always in same order - excluding quiz leagues that are randomly.

    Try "What do you know about cats" quiz here at addonsrus.com and see that "What is the approximate gestation period for domestic cats?" is always the first question. My request is to, if admin need, change this question to second or thirty. If questions in quizzes will be randomly in future like quiz leagues this option aren't needed.
  4. addonsrus

    addonsrus Administrator Staff Member

    i see what you mean i can make it where the questions are random like the leagues thats easy to sort out.

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